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An experimental approach to run innovation and transformation projects

Since 2015, through multidisciplinary explorations, academic research, tangible experiments, errors and maturation, the Codesign-it collective has developed a methodological approach to facilitate swarm innovation. This approach is open source.

an evolving playground

A successful project is made up of accelerations, decelerations, pivots, regressions, renunciations. Parkour is an iterative, non-sequential, non-linear, asynchronous approach, the same way innovation can be.

Parkour, un terrain de jeu évolutif

This approach helps to define an evolving playground, to engage multidisciplinary teams in managing projects in great autonomy, giving them easier access to the most relevant tools and practices, in order to quickly produce solutions and develop their skills.

In concrete terms

As in “choose your own adventure” books, Parkour allows several teams to build their own innovation path. The life of the project is punctuated by a succession of short and helpful activities. As it progresses, each XP team chooses its next activity, according to the angle of attack that seems most relevant. These activities are called beacons.

Parkour, schémas livre dont vous êtes le héros

Every methodology has its strengths and particularities, which may be relevant depending on the context and the phases of innovation. Parkour draws on all existing methodologies or those yet to be invented, in order to offer teams the most relevant range of beacons. The progress of the teams and their projects is monitored and documented to measure efforts, achievements and impacts. This monitoring also makes it possible to continuously adjust the system.

Based on the principle of cell division, XP team members become more autonomous as the Parkour program is deployed, and can in turn provide support to new teams.

The Parkour Manifesto

The approach is based on five strong principles:

● Search for meaning

people reinvent their engagement, both in their teams and in their jobs and organizations.

● autonomy

teams lead their projects freely

● collaboration

teams engage their ecosystem and welcome contributions

● iteration

solutions are shaped, developed and tested in short cycles

● experimentation

approaches assume their imperfection, welcome unexpected events, integrate learnings and communicate widely.

Parkour, for whom? For what?

Parkour can adapt to all types of projects, programs or organisations. For example, a program can start with three people gathered around one idea, or accompany 40 projects simultaneously.

More details in the section “On the field

Parkour, s'adapte à tous types de projets

"I've been doing projects since 1998, and I’ve never seen such a power of action before."  
Guillaume Alsac - health entrepreneur

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Parkour is an approach designed by Codesign-it
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